Art & Healing

During my 5 year residency as harpist on the cunard cruise line , travelling around the world on the QE , QM2 and QV ships , I would often play pieces of music that people were about to request before they asked me .


I used this intuition to do card readings for friends , colleagues and family .


Our ship was recently stranded at sea , unable to dock due to the coronavirius pandemic . I offered daily meditations to crew members in a circle . It was an intuitive healing group . Using various cards , including a Magdalena pack and the miracle card game , we explored techniques and teachings about the body s chakra system .

My intention was to create a positive safe space to go within - finding our inner strengths , unique gifts , balance and guidance for balance and wellbeing .


I am also a reiki master , complimentary therapist and past life regression therapist having sat in self development circles for many years .


My dream is to buy an arts and healing centre in Greece where I can invite some of the wonderful people , whom I have met on my travels , to give inspiring workshops and concerts to nurture the soul , in a beautiful and stimulating environment . Watch this space !


Currently I m offering , one to one sessions on the phone of personalised chakra sound meditations  with my harp for self empowerment and healing .


All. The answers are within you


Every blessing in this precious day !


Magdalena X


The 7 chakra system in the body relates to the 7 chakra systems on the earth.


These are paintings made whilst travelling around the world . I have created a chakra game using cards. The quality of the chakras and their affirmations are written on the back of the cards, alongside possible sacred sights to explore on our beautiful planet.


Magdalena x



"During a time of uncertainty being stuck on the ship during the pandemic, Magdalena gave us a solid constant with being able to meditate every day. It was a safe space for us to feel and be felt which was an enormous release. Magdalena was open and balanced and absolutely wonderful in her teachings. She taught us lots of new ideas and techniques within meditation and every day it would be the happiest place to be. Magdalena has a heart of gold and I miss our meditation circles as it really helped with the uniqueness of our situation and I learnt a lot about myself during these circles."


Laura Pothecary